Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kitchens of India

Dear Readers (ok, hi, all three of you)
I recently decided to try out the Kitchens of India variety pack from Amazon. They were doing one of those subscribe and save deals, and I decided, why not? So I've been using them, and they're pretty great. Each package contains a small silver packet with paste in it. The paste is made in India for export, and is easy and delicious.
The Butter Chicken was first up: it was a really lovely combination, though not quite what I'm used to. It had the smooth butter chicken flavor, but with a moderate spicy heat that gave the whole dish a different spin.
The Chicken Curry: a lovely, if not awe-inspiring classic brown curry. I added veggies to make it a full meal, and it turned out really well with basically no effort whatsoever.
More reviews as I make the other 4 types. Yum. 

You can buy them in stores, or on Amazon here.

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