Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cutting Onions

I HATE cutting onions. Every onion I've ever cut has made me cry. But I love eating them.... what's a girl to do?!

(My solution: ask my parents for the Vidalia for Christmas. I'll post a photo of it someday, I'm a little bit in love...[warning: video plays with sound automatically])

If you're not into that, and I understand, it's cool.
  • WikiHow has a not-useful list of ways to not cry while cutting onions (except for the part about the sharp knife. That is true, and another reason to invest in good knives.)
  • Some advice from the folks at Reluctant Gourmet.
  • And this is my favorite way!


  1. Yes, that is the way to go, although some of the stinkiest onions still kill me. Bill doesn't believe this technique is worthwhile, but he spends twice as long as me chopping and re-chopping his messy pile, and nothing is uniformly sized at the end (which, of course, he doesn't see any reason to care about).

    "Honey just let me chop the darn onions!"

  2. It's easy enough to cut the bulb out of certain onions if you're willing to waste a bit of it.

    It works! Just takes practice.