Friday, March 25, 2011

Eating Sushi, Gluten Free

I am something of a newcomer to this Gluten Free thing, but I've already picked up a few tips that might be worth sharing.

My boyfriend and I went out to a sushi buffet last night, where I only had one or two possible trips (instead of the dozens at most places).
I brought my own soy-sauce, which is gluten free, and we ordered a ton of sushi. I felt a tiny bit silly to be carrying a bottle of soy sauce in my purse, but it worked. You can also buy little packets of gf soy sauce!
It broke my heart not to be able to eat any tempura, but then again, it's probably better for my health anyway that I can't. The things to look out for are mostly soy sauce brewed with wheat, and imitation crab which sometimes uses glutenous products to hold it together. (I also got barley tea when I ordered green, but I think that's not a common problem.) And tempura, obviously; panko is made from wheat flour.
Authentic sake is gluten free, but apparently some of the very cheap kinds have additives that may contain gluten. 

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