Saturday, March 26, 2011

Box wine!

Ok, you're probably gagging a little as you remember that one time you had too much (any?) Franzia.
Well, box wine is starting to mature!
Far be it from me to tell you what to drink, but I don't drink Franzia. I've discovered that my local wine shop (yeah, Wine Source!) has a pretty decent selection of wine in boxes and tetrapaks like Yellow + Blue wine. Why not stick with the tried-and-true bottle, you may ask?
The environment is one big reason. We've known for a while that boxes are a lot lighter, and therefore greener (and cheaper!) to transport. So that's good. Slate talks about it here, NYT here
Another good reason: cheaper. Because it costs a lot less to transport, you can often get a quite solid box of wine, equivalent to 3 or 4 bottles, for the price of one or two bottles of the same quality.
And my reason for choosing boxed wine is that, since it's usually just me drinking, and when I want a glass with dinner, I don't mean a bottle, I can have just a glass and not have to worry about finishing the bottle the next night or tossing out the rest. Box wine stays fresh inside its box for about a month, so you can drink solo for longer. :-) At the moment, I'm drinking Maipe Malbec and I also endorse Le Petit Frog if you can find it.

The downsides of course, are still there.
While the wine in the box is pretty good, it's not going to be a five-star knock your socks off wine. It's good, I serve it to friends, but it's not exactly for the extra discerning oenophile.
The other is that you end up drinking a lot of the same wine. Which is fine for me, since I've had good luck picking them, but if you bore easily, then, maybe stick to the tetrapaks!

Plus, all wine is naturally gluten free! :-) 

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